Have fun, stay on budget and be creative!

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What is Did You Know DIY?

Need a creative outlet while staying budget friendly AND having fun???  Doreen does!  AND she loves to make up songs and tell people what to do & how to do it.  Keep checking in for tidbits on using/reusing/recycling/redecorating, nifty products, rethinking how to organize and use things in every part of your house and more.



Who is this mom with a brown marker?

OPS (Other People's S%!t/Stuff)

Why not get it for almost nothing, likely help out an organization, save it from the landfill AND make it your own??!!

You Can Do It!

And here are a bunch of products, projects and hints...let Doreen show you some nifty stuff.


What's Doreen working on and Where is she on social media?



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