Where do you get your ideas?

Generally the item generates the idea. For instance, the grill/potting station. I hated taking ours to the dump...the guts were a mess, but the body was in great shape. And I was tired of sitting on the driveway to repot my plants...

Where do you think up the songs?

My strange brain has a catalog of songs. I know what I'm getting at (iphone hack). So I just sit with the words and the song comes to me. OR I'm listening to a song and I make note of it for a future Did You Know (Celebration became Box Valance)

When is your next Home Show?

Oct 7,8,9 at the Maryland Home and Garden Show in Timonium, MD. Check the website for more shows to come.

Do you use Pinterest or the internet for your ideas?

Sometimes, sure. The piano we turned into a desk was another 'have it, what now?' situation. We had acquired it for free. It was old and needed tuning. Once we knew no one would be playing it, off to Pinterest I went. It could have been a bar, a desk or a shelving unit...

Were you nervous posting your first video?

Yes. I told no one. I just did it. I had watched Brene Brown tell me to 'show your vulnerability' and had been thinking about 'Did You Know' for some time. That did it. I showed my vulnerability. And I haven't looked back.