Below are the videos for the 6 ideas in this picture

With 50+ videos and many more to come, here's a taste of the projects, ideas, products and hints to reuse/redo/redecorate and generally make life easier. Check out the 6 videos...everything in the landing page picture are things YOU CAN DO!

antiquing (1).mp4

Antique (vintage/shabby chic/barn) anything

Copy of Hanging things tt.mp4

Hang things on the wall straight and in the right place every time

fabric wall mp4.mp4

Fabric on the wall, instead of wallpaper...with corn starch!

frames mp4.mp4

Frames...not just for pictures

hide a cord mp4.mp4

Hide your cords

remote control bulb mp4 (1).mp4

Remote control light bulbs, hang a light anywhere