A wife, mom and friend...Doreen's love of the microphone and making up songs to well-known tunes was born from her time as the 'mean lunch lady' and then a pre-school assistant teacher.  When COVID shut things down, she was inspired by friends who were blogging as well as some of the Instagram pages she discovered.  

After years of hearing people say 'How did you think of that?!' (after, say, she made a desk from a FREE piano) or her saying 'Did you know....?' (after maybe she found a great way to let the light into a window, but keep eyes out), DID YOU KNOW DIY was born.  Her first video was (Brene Brown encouraged 'show your vulnerability') about how she and her husband adhered fabric on the wall (instead of wallpaper) with nothing but corn starch, water and some thumb tacks. 

One year and 50+ videos later, Doreen presented 25 minutes of songs and tips at the New Jersey Home and Garden Show.  She is now slated to present at the Maryland Home and Garden Show in Fall 2023 and other events are scheduled for the Spring of 2024!  She is working hard to become a regular on the home show circuit.  She looks forward to sharing and singing about more projects, tips, tricks!